Stoke Physical Therapy

Stoke Physical Therapy is here to help outdoor athletes stay strong, healthy, and pain-free so they can spend more time outdoors doing the things that get them stoked.

At Stoke Physical Therapy, we're passionate about staying active outdoors and helping others to do the same. Whether you have an injury that needs professional attention, or you just want to stay on top of your health and perform at your best, we're here to help.

STOKE describes the overwhelming feeling of excitement, exhilaration, and energy associated with engagement in action/adventure sports

Our Values

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Sustainable Results

All the gains in the world mean nothing if they don’t last. At Stoke Physical Therapy you get truly individualized care and attention to detail that ensures your hard work pays off in the long-term.  You’ll gain valuable tools to help you stay active and healthy for life.

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Real-World Performance

Strength and mobility are only meaningful if they transfer to where it counts. Where it counts is different for everyone. That’s why we always consider each client holistically, employing activity-specific training to make a difference where it really matters.
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No Fluff

Most physical therapists are at the mercy of the insurance industry.  They deliver more of the treatments that insurance companies pay for, while avoiding the ones that they don’t.  We think a doctor should decide what clients need, not some insurance company.

Our Commitment

This is What Sets Stoke Physical Therapy Apart

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Performance Therapy

Insurance companies decide what treatments they’ll pay for, restricting your therapist’s ability to give you the help you need

At Stoke, your Doctor of Physical Therapy calls the shots  – giving you exactly what YOU need and nothing else

You waste valuable time repeating the same boring exercises with only occasional updates

We relentlessly optimize our programming so you can feel confident that you aren’t wasting time on filler exercises that don’t work

You often get passed off to an aide with minimal training/expertise and no physical therapy credentials

You’ll spend the entire session with a doctor who is an expert in physical therapy

The therapy space is typically crowded, loud, and disorganized

Truly private, one-on-one experience with no distractions

Therapists are forced to work with multiple patients simultaneously, prioritizing productivity over your health

Caseload is purposefully kept low and sessions are one-on-one so that you can benefit from your therapist’s full and undivided attention

Most therapists have only the basic entry-level education

Your therapist was educated in a top-ranked physical therapy program, completed optional advanced residency training, and is a board-certified specialist in orthopedics

When other medical professionals run out of ideas they tell you that you’ll just have to live with it and stop doing the things you love

Your therapist promises to think outside the box and innovate novel solutions to help you get back to doing what you love

Ready to get some Professional Guidance?

Get the expert help you need. Speak with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to find out if performance therapy with Stoke can solve your problem.

You’ll learn what’s causing your issue and exactly what steps you need to take to fix it. 

Get back to feeling stoked.

Where to Find Stoke Physical Therapy

When I’m not out in nature somewhere, you can find me here.


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