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About Stoke Physical Therapy

Dr. Damien Jackson-Ricketts

Damien is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in orthopedics, sports, and in particular outdoor adventure sports.  After growing up in Virginia, his studies moved him all over the country including New York, Miami, and LA.  He moved to Portland in October of 2021 seeking green nature, clean air, and an escape from LA traffic.  Damien is passionate about staying active outdoors and helping others to do the same.

In his free time you’ll likely find him hiking in Forest Park, rucking a sandbag around the neighborhood, or shredding the trails at Rocky Point on his mountain bike. 


Kenzo is the Stoke mascot and overly-enthusiastic therapy pup.  He loves nothing more than a day spent out in the woods hiking or leaving Damien in the dust on the mountain biking trails.

Kenzo barks a big game, but he’s a softie at heart.

About the Stoke Mascot
Learn about the story behind Stoke PT

Why Stoke Physical Therapy?

I started Stoke Physical Therapy because I love spending time actively engaged in nature.  Active time in nature helps me relieve stress, feel stoked, and stay healthy.  I want to help others spend as much time as possible outside doing the things that get them stoked. 

Beyond this core motivation, I was also tired of working in a clinical setting with rigid schedules and limited autonomy.  By striking out on my own, I am able to provide a higher quality service for my clients, while also giving myself greater freedom.  It truly is a win-win.  If 1-on-1 individualized attention is important to you, you will find that there is no comparison between the service I provide and the typical physical therapy experience.


About The Space

The Stoke studio is a private space in the Canyons Alley behind the Canyons Apartment building on North Williams Ave right across the street from New Seasons. The address is 3450 N Williams Ave, Suite 6, Portland, OR 97227. 

How about the Stoke Physical Therapy space

About Time to get some Professional Guidance?

Get the expert help you need. Speak with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to find out if performance therapy with Stoke can solve your problem.

You’ll learn what’s causing your issue and exactly what steps you need to take to fix it. 

Get back to feeling stoked.

Where to Find Stoke

When I’m not out in nature somewhere, you can find me here.


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