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Anatomy Education
Dr. Damien Jackson-Ricketts, PT, DPT

Always Injured? Here’s Why

I see people in my practice all the time who tell me they’re always getting injured and feel trapped in a revolving door of injury

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Workout recovery
Dr. Damien Jackson-Ricketts, PT, DPT

Workout Recovery Optimization

When designing a training program, how much emphasis do you place on the workout parameters (load, frequency, reps, sets, volume, etc.) vs. your recovery between

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What is pain
Nervous System
Dr. Damien Jackson-Ricketts, PT, DPT

What is Pain, Really?

Everyone has some concept of what pain is, but beneath the surface-level experience lies a complex process that we still don’t fully understand. Under normal

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Dr. Damien Jackson-Ricketts, PT, DPT

Mobility for Runners

Running is a complex movement involving coordinated action at many joints throughout the body. In addition to strength, endurance, and motor control; runners must have

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