Nervous System

Workout recovery

Workout Recovery Optimization

When designing a training program, how much emphasis do you place on the workout parameters (load, frequency, reps, sets, volume, etc.) vs. your recovery between workouts? You may have heard that recovery is important, but you’re not quite sure how important or what that even means. In truth, recovery after a workout is just as […]

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What is pain

What is Pain, Really?

Everyone has some concept of what pain is, but beneath the surface-level experience lies a complex process that we still don’t fully understand. Under normal conditions in healthy individuals, pain serves an important purpose. Sometimes, however, this system can go awry, leading to the development of long-term debilitating pain that is challenging to overcome. Whether

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non-exercise activity thermogenesis

The Easiest Way To Burn More Calories

Most people immediately think of running, lifting weights, or taking fitness classes when hoping to burn more calories. While these are all effective and important for burning calories and improving health, there is a simple strategy you can start leveraging every day to significantly increase your caloric expenditure. I’m talking about something called Non-Exercise Activity

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diaphragm anatomy

The Diaphragm – Anatomy Highlight

The diaphragm is an under-appreciated muscle that influences many aspects of our physical and mental health. While the diaphragm’s main role is in respiration (breathing), it also plays a part in a wide range of body processes including nerve function, lower back health, stress vs. relaxation, digestion, and more. In this article, I’ll go over

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Relaxation techniques

The Autonomic Nervous System

Maybe you’ve heard of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) before, maybe not. Either way, this subsection of your nervous system is playing an integral part in your everyday life. The autonomic nervous system is a part of your peripheral nervous system that controls a wide range of involuntary physiologic processes. These are things that we

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